Sunday, September 2, 2007

Righting Whiteness, Mystifying Transcendence!

Can we transcend from our emboddied privilege?
Can we cross boundaries of difference?
Should I stay? or Should I go?
What happen if these become the theme songs of the day?

When the privileged become good guys,
Hegemony finally completes.
The privileged are now both the oppressors and the messiahs,
or the critiqued and the critics.
While justice is celebrated,
has power differential changed?
As the privileged are playing on both sides of the court,
the deprived are remained silenced.

The racialized bodies are taken care of as minors in tulelage!
Systemic mutism is further entrenched.
The powerful allies are the well celebrated speaking subjects;
The oppressed are rendered invisible.

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